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Detail to Delivery


When you choose to work with us to consign your vehicle. Our first line of action is to capture its details inside and out via professional photography. From wide shots that showcase the vehicle as a whole, down to the minute, interior details of special optioned leather stitching, carbon fiber accents, or other additional equipment. We cover it all with a modern perspective that has proven time and time again to

capture the eyes and hearts of potential buyers.   


After the photoshoot is complete. Our next step is to create a short video further highlighting the details of your car. The way the light reflects off the paint as the camera moves around the vehicle, demonstrating its lines accurately and with purpose, are the types of things we aim to portray to the audience. Take these details and stitch them together with a complimentary song...fitting the time and era of the vehicle, and suddenly, your car takes on a whole new form to the viewer. Fostering even more interest of potential buyers.


Once both professional photos and video are complete, we move into the marketing. In this part of the process we begin by gathering factory build sheets, service records, and additional memorabilia/equipment pertaining to your vehicle. We then take this information and form it into an accurate and digestible vehicle description. Then, we format the description, photos, and video on our website as well as a multitude of online listing platforms (CarGurus,, OVE, and eBay to name a few...). The last piece of the puzzle is to market your vehicle on our Social Media platforms, Facebook and Instagram - which amass hundreds of thousands of views and tens of thousands of link clicks a month (learn more about our Social Media channels below).

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